Evicted from world's tallest slum

The half-built 45-storey skyscraper in Caracas, Venezuela, was originally intended to be a bank centre.

MH17 cockpit 'sawed in half'

The rebels who cordoned off the wreckage apparently took some of it. | Reporter apologises | Satellite images

MH17 remains may still be in the open

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott fears the remains of some Australian victims of the MH17 crash haven't been collected.

Thailand extends military law

It doesn't look like there'll be a quick return to civilian rule in Thailand.

HIV-positive man guilty of GBH

7:45pm An HIV-positive former sex worker has been convicted of grievous bodily harm after unprotected sex.

The strangest of suicides

Paul and Jenny Lee Cook On the surface it's one of Australia's more bizarre suicides. But her family sees a more sinister truth.

Hope for Kiwi expats in Oz

Australia's Treasurer Joe Hockey signals willingness to bend on the rights of Kiwi expats across the Tasman.

Slipper admits using funds

MH17: Difficult weeks ahead

MH17 disaster 'a mistake'

MH17 American intelligence agencies believe Ukrainian separatists shot down a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet by mistake.

Orange isn't the new black

Prison introduces old school inmate outfits after TV show makes standard issue "orange jumpsuit" iconic.

A billionaire's three-day week

DNA reveals FBI error

Slenderman victim's priceless gift

Of the many purple hearts sent to Slenderman stabbing victim, one was particularly special.

What the black boxes will reveal

MH17 box black There's a reason MH17's flight data recorders have been the subject of heated negotiations.

'Sorry, I crossed a line'

Reporter who sparked maelstrom of outrage rifling through crash victims' luggage on live TV says he "got things wrong".

MH17 disaster 'a mistake'

It could have been worse

The eye-rolling Russian rebel

The unknown and unpolished leader of the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic is a key figure in the MH17 tragedy.

Syrian insurgents seize 3 towns

syria strap An Al Qaeda affiliate is trying to build an Islamic emirate to compete with the Islamic State.

Potential shift in Gaza conflict

Flight cancellations and a missing Israeli soldier could bolster Hamas. | Beautiful protest over Gaza horror | No safe place for civilians

'No safe place for civilians'

Starkly beautiful Gaza protest

Baghdad's tattoo parlours

Dante, a back street tattooist in Baghdad, plies his trade with Sunnis and Shiites alike.

Crack down on rumours, porn

China tightens rigorous internet controls by going after "rumourmongers" and "slanderous content".

Plague death after marmot bite

China has sealed off parts of its northwestern city of Yumen after a resident died of bubonic plague.

China offers military glimpse

Ferry disaster most wanted dead

China braces itself for second typhoon

China is preparing for the arrival of a second typhoon in as many weeks, after the first one killed 46 people.

Peacekeeper killings arrest

Arrest, arrested, handcuffs A suspect in the abduction, torture and killing of two Irish United Nations peacekeepers in Lebanon 34 years ago has been arrested.

Gunmen kill 21 in Egypt

Gunmen killed 21 Egyptian military border guards near the frontier with Libya.

Critical injuries in turbulence

Pistorius in night club altercation

Nigeria's deadly secrets

In the three months since 200 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped by Islamic extremists, 11 of their parents have died.

Nina search 'poorly managed'

Families of seven people lost in the Tasman when their yacht vanished have criticised New Zealand's search.

Nina searchers praised

NZ search authorities praised for going beyond what any other nation would do in the hunt for the yacht Nina.

Wait continues for Bainimarama's visa

Slain man to be laid to rest in NZ

Flooding hits Solomon Islands

A mother and child have been swept away in flood waters as heavy rains hit the Solomon Islands, local media and residents say.

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