Online activists battle paedophiles

As the internet makes it easier to exchange child porn, groups are creating tools to fight it.

Mt. Gox to be liquidated


A court in Tokyo has rejected bankruptcy proceedings for the bitcoin exchange.

Playstation 4 sales top 7 million


Sony says the sales are double the number the Playstation 4 sold in the same time frame after its launch.

Mt Gox founder won't appear

Mark Karpeles says he will not travel to the US to answer questions about the Japanese bitcoin exchange's bankruptcy case.

Vein scanning the next big thing?

Scanning veins in the hand could become the biometric measure of choice.

Emmy nominee weighs app-ropriate attire

Nathan Martin has a big decision to make.

Windows advances with 8.1 update

If you already have a Windows Phone or are thinking of getting one, 8.1's new features should please you.

Guilty pleas in fake apps case

Apple can't escape e-book antitrust

Google patent for contact camera

Patent outlines way Google could fit a camera into a contact lens without drastically increasing its thickness.

S5 durable, but 5S has edge

Study shows new Galaxy is more durable than last year's, but the iPhone 5s still outperforms all others.

Google buys drone maker

Vaio battery warning

Time to stop hating Glass

Public reaction has gone from "that's amazing" to "if you wear them, you deserve a beating".

Doing the dirty Simpsons

All the horrible things that makes Family Guy what it is are present in The Quest for Stuff.

Game brings 80s action to life

Join Rambo, Matrix, B A Baracus, Ripley, Conan, and even Macgyver as you smash your way through Broforce.

Bold new course for Civilization

Majestic side-scrolling masterpiece

Something smells off

Dead Nation returns with flashy explosions and some nifty features, but it's not going to be for everyone.

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