Stealth malware uncovered

Nation state likely behind long-term surveillance malware called Backdoor.Regin.

Curran Sky criticism curtailed

Labour MP sidestepping questions after picking up responsibility for broadcasting in the party's reshuffle.

Charity at Apple's core

3:00pm Apple will use people's lust for its devices and apps to raise money for charity.

Net neutrality balancing act

3:24pm Everyone from giant internet service providers to lone Twilight fan-fiction writers seems to love net neutrality. But why?

Sony denies PlayStation hacked

Hacker group claims to have published details for thousands of PlayStation Network.

Retailers jump on Click Monday

NZ 24-hour sale is designed to emulate the United States' Cyber Monday online sales day.

Uber drivers slug it out

Australian taxi drivers are making citizen's arrests to stop the rise of ride-sharing service uberX

Refreshing Gigatown results

Netflix's arrival sure to rattle some

Virtual Paul McCartney app

First Google Cardboard app gives fans a fully immersive playback of former Beatles' performance.

Wall crawl like Spidey

Ever longed to defy gravity like a superhero? Science thanks you for sticking with it.

Breaking up with Glass

Samsung's health ambitions

Thud from Philae's comet

Scientists release brief recording of sound probe made when it first to landed on comet.

How PikPok got its high score

New Zealand's largest locally-owned games developer had to play a few games of its own to get to the top.

Game Awards 2014 nominees

Geoff Keighley, host of the Game Awards 2014, has announced the nominees for this year's show.

Minecraft worlds based on art

Telltale's Game of Thrones tease

Familiarity breeds content

If you liked what you saw in Far Cry 3, you'll be blown away by the latest instalment.