Facing facts

What's really the difference between Facebook pages, groups and profiles?

Armageddon games list


New Zealand's first playable build amongst Armageddon pop culture expo's showcase.

'Skynet has already won'


Terminator director James Cameron on why he won't use an iPhone.

Countdown to Microsoft watch


Microsoft is preparing to launch a smartwatch within the next few weeks, Forbes reports.

Trailer's futuristic mayhem


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare may be weeks away, but Activision is giving fans the launch trailer now.

Facebook sues lawyers

Mark Zuckerberg sues lawyers who represented man that tried to extort a 50 per cent stake in social network.

Dotcom reveals assets

Kim Dotcom has revealed the extent of his fortune to a group of Hollywood music and movie studios.

Nadella diversity effort

Snapchat starts ads

3D-printed hero prosthetic

Designer uses 3D-printer to build prosthetic hands that make kids look and feel like Avengers.

Why the iPad mini is toast

Seven signs that tell you that after just two years, the iPad mini may be headed for the scrap heap.

FBI: Phone encryption too tough

Apple iPad gets slimmer

'iPod for Dogs' soothes anxiety

iCalmDog device uses calming music specifically designed to soothe pups with anxiety issues.

Noriega's Activision lawsuit

Ex-New York City Mayor cites own experience in lawsuit by Panamanian dictator.

20GBs of Master Chief

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will have a day-one patch that's estimated to be around 20 GB.

Game lets you become bread

Gamergate vs diversity

The $700 Brick

This time last year we were counting down to the eighth generation of consoles.