PM denies spyware use

John Key flatly denies suggestions NZ installed controversial spyware to collect data from the Southern Cross cable.

Nasa reveals 2020 Mars rover


Successor to Curiosity to include a include a super-laser and stereo vision.

Hacktivists wage war on Kenya


Cyber criminals threaten to turn nation's dream of e-government into nightmare.

Govts demand more Twitter data


Biannual transparency report shows 46 per cent increase in government requests for user information.

Hackers can tap USBs

JIM FINKLE - Reuters

Potential new class of attacks evade all known security protections, top computer researcher reveals.

Lightbox boasts 5000 hours of TV

Telecom's Sky challenger includes anytime-streaming of new series like Masters of Sex and House of Cards.

Microsoft must turn over emails

Judge rules Microsoft must turn over customer's emails stored in a data centre in Ireland to the US government.

Magnifying glass galaxy

Hack bears signs of China

Quirky 3-D pen

Pen turns you into the 3-D printer.

One thing iPhone 6 will not have

Despite rumours, phones won't be covered in near-indestructible sapphire glass, analysts say.

Ready for blast off

Sneak peek at Microsoft's 'selfie' phone

Smartphones at risk

Two separate threats could put up to 90 per cent of the world's 2 billion plus smartphones at risk of password theft.

Arcade to art gallery

Documentary director says he was not hooked as a gamer until he recognised their artistic value.

The Last of Us live

Sony has released the video of The Last of Us' stage show for all to see.

New taste sensation

Error gives away thousands of games

Beyond the Fables

Two themes run strongly throughout Telltale's The Wolf Among Us: disparity and justice.