No sex for Ebola survivors

Men who recover from Ebola are being told to stay celibate by world health officials.

Paleolithic-era sculpture

A limestone statuette of a shapely woman some 23,000 years old has been discovered in northern France.

Live chat: Swamped by climate change?

Sea levels are rising and major floods becoming more frequent. How will we cope? Environment Commissioner Jan Wright answers your questions live from midday.

Could it be a flying spider invasion?

Flying spiders could pose another risk to our landscape as a dry summer increases the risk of fire.

Edward Cullen shouldn't visit Poland

The graves of six people in Poland reveal historic burial protocol for suspected vampires.

Ebola vaccine tested

GlaxoSmithKline's experimental vaccine produced an immune response in all 20 healthy volunteers.

Grant for sea squirt project

A $300,000 grant to a Cawthron Institute scientist could help to find answers to questions around how climate change will affect marine species.

Thud from Philae's comet

Scientists release brief recording of sound probe made when it first to landed on comet.

Woolly thinking a real life-saver

A flock of New Zealand sheep has led to a world-first scientific breakthrough for sick children.

Space balloon for broadband?

Chinese firm Shanghai Pengxin will launch a balloon into "near space" from South Island to test whether it could be used to deliver broadband.

Wall crawl like Spidey

Ever longed to defy gravity like a superhero? Science thanks you for sticking with it.

Hundreds of spiders are living a lie

These spiders - more than 300 different species of them - have evolved to mimic ants.

Dawn whale discovery

An ancient, eight metre toothless whale that lived in seas which once covered the Otago hinterland has been discovered by Kiwi scientists.

Comet probe found organics

Before Philae fell asleep on comet 67P, it transmitted evidence of organic molecules, scientists say.

AIDS threat 'can end' by 2030

A five-year, fast-track battle against HIV could end the global threat of the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

How to survive Ebola

Doctors say there's a way to survive an infection with Ebola - but it involves lots of willpower.

Seal-penguin rape 'increasing'

Seals are increasingly forcing penguins into sex and occasionally killing them once they get their sexual release.

How to predict snowfall?

It's one of the hardest things to predict - just how close to sea-level snow is going to fall.

How do forecasters predict snowfall?

It's one of the hardest things to predict in the weather forecasting business - just how close to sea-level snow is going to fall.

Comet scientists take a break

Scientists to have a rest after working for days around the clock since the lander Philae touched down on a comet.

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