Even contest revealed in debate

David Cunliffe looks at John Key during leaders' debate in Christchurch.

Leaders change their performances from first debate, and spark up over childhood poverty, housing and tax.

Watch highlights Your verdict Debate commentary Opening speeches

Collins stands defiant

Judith Collins Ex-minister Judith Collins isn't pulling any punches at critics since she quit - calling Labour leader David Cunliffe a "moron".

Campaign Diary

Winston Peters A party leader votes, another one announces his 'bottom line', and more campaign travelling ahead.

Unions back Green wage policy

Russell Norman, Green Party leader Major unions back Greens' proposals to lift minimum wage by almost $4 and pay public servants at least $18.80 an hour.| Greens running cool

Key v Cunliffe: Your verdict

Audience at the second leaders' debate in Christchurch After the first debate the money was on David Cunliffe, but how about now? We ask you.

Candidates take note

michele a'court Sometimes, when sufficient people are enraged, we also become engaged.

Greens running a cool campaign

John Key often claims to be relaxed, but he’s got nothing on Russel Norman’s laid-back campaign style.  If selfies were votes, John Key would win the election hands-down. The National leader is at home wandering the country’s malls, obliging with a paste-on grin for everyone who waves an iPhone at him.

Parties poles apart on economy

Collins' axing unavoidable

Flag review backed by Labour

New Zealand flag A Labour government would bring back 10-year passports and look at ditching our current flag.

Greens demand $4 pay hike

The Greens would lift the minimum wage by almost $4 to $18 hour and pay public servants at least $18.80.

Making transport efficient

Sounds promising?

Housing divides candidates

Lifting home ownership rates is one area political hopefuls agree on. But little else about housing unites them.

Who plays dirtiest?

Katie Wilson who read Nicky Hager's book 'Dirty Politics' then took a poll asking how it will effect her decisions for this coming elections. Voters are divided over who plays the dirtiest in one of the dirtiest election campaigns in living memory. | Full results

National support slips

National would struggle to form a Government as the dirty politics saga takes its toll, latest poll says.

Dirty Politics a win for Craig

Labour firm in Te Tai Tonga

Key and Nats slip

The gloss is wearing off John Key over the dirty politics saga, latest Stuff.co.nz/Ipsos poll suggests.

Get back to education basics

Education basics - A girl's hand writing It's great our kids get to try exciting things at school, but not at the expense of reading, writing and maths.

Save your voting ink

It's election time once again, and this time round I'm struggling to find a reason to vote.

If you were the PM...

My beef with uni Arts funding

Changing Kiwi booze culture

NZ's binge-drinking culture has long been a source of nationwide debate, but how can we change our boozing ways?

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Opinion poll

Who do you think won Key v Cunliffe's second debate?

John Key

David Cunliffe

It was neck and neck


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